love is watching someone die
So who's gonna watch you die?
sempre, castle.
Hi my name is Leighton. I cry a lot over Caskett and I have no shame. I act like a mama bear to all of my ships. Don't be afraid ~ I don't bite (hard).
I am not Stana Katic, I stg.
crying over castle&beckett

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It’s 6:47 am and I would really start moving my shit right now if my sister were awake tbh

Honestly babe I can't understand how people can hate Castle at all. I'll chain them to radiators for you so you won't have to deal with them.

God bless you, nony <3

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I hate myself so much why did I decide to set an alarm for 5am when I knew it wouldn’t affect my class registration at all.

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Some people in this fandom are just plain rude and very hateful. I’m glad that the majority of the castle fandom are sweeties though.

I can totally see castle whining about it in the first couple of days. After all, he really does like to grab her hair when they're having sex

I somehow don’t think that’ll be a problem. He’ll probably play with it at first, tease her about how she no longer has the long hair and that his fingers go through it so quickly. But when she’s sprawled across the sheets and his fingers are coursing through her hair as they race toward a peak together, I don’t think there’s gonna be much room for him complaining about the shortness of her hair.

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Out of curiosity, how do you know that they've stopped using extensions on Stana? Have there been set pics that I missed?

Yeah I saw a spoiler pic of her and Jon.

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fuckingmulder replied to your post: anonymous said:If they use extens…

those glasses are so big on her face omg


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If they use extensions for Stana's hair, how long is it naturally?

Shoulder length lol. 

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I’m not sure how I feel about them using Stana’s hair instead of the extensions