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Hi! Please do a amnesia fic.

I’ve already done one, anon :) 

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we’re up all night to read fanfics

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29 & 77 Castle & Beckett

29 - Happiness + 77 - Test

Kate curled into their sheets, counting the seconds in her head. Her impatience was at an all time high while she waited quietly, not wanting to disturb him. He’d come in late that night from a local signing she’d had to miss because of a case and she wasn’t even sure then when he’d finally fallen asleep. It helped too that the silence was her piece of mind while she waited.

There was no way she was wrong. Her monthly visitor had taken a vacation for the first time in years and surely she could chalk it up to stress because of the back-to-back cases they’d been receiving lately, but she knew she’d only be pulling the wool over her eyes. Her visitor had been on time, very on time, like clockwork for nearly twenty-two years. 

It was impossible that she took a vacation and was just delaying for five weeks. (God, when she counted it, it seemed so much worse. How had she gone nearly two months without realizing?) She numbly traced her finger across the sheets while she counted to a hundred and twenty seconds in her mind. Just another sixty to go.

She tried to think clearly of what their future was. Oh sure, they joked about things and danced around the subject but they’d never sat down and talked about how many they’d want; in what succession; nothing. She felt like she was drowning by the time the timer on her phone went off and she scurried out of bed.

She was right, of course. She stared at it a beat longer before she snapped the cap back on and placed it in her side of the vanity and went back to bed. As she settled beneath the comforters, she stared at her husband as she slept, feeling the bubbling sensation of happiness in her core. He’d be happy too, she thought, and severely overprotective. She fought off the initial stage of a groan and curled closer to him, running her hand across her still-flat stomach.

Later, she thought as her eyes drifted closed. They’d talk about it later. 

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i'm just curious why everyone seems to think that beckett was planning to go with castle to the hamptons though it wasn't clearly stated :)

in 2x24 she basically dumped Demming to ride Castle’s disco stick
What more implication do you need? 

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Caskett 63 & 78

78 - Drink

Kate sighs gently, finger roaming around her glass against the railing. She’d slipped out from the festivities a half an hour ago. Ryan’s wedding was so beautiful, but the reception was becoming crazier by the hour.

"Don’t you find it cold?" Castle asks her and she startles somewhat, inhaling a deep breath as looks back at him with a soft glare. "Sorry." He said sheepishly. "I thought you would have heard the footsteps."

She rolls her eyes softly and takes a slow sip from her drink. “The whiskey’s keeping me warm,” she tells him as he moves to stand beside her, drink in his own hand. “What are you doing out here? It seemed like you were having fun with that one bridesmaid.”

"Mm," he shrugs softly. "She was nice. But you see, I was missing my partner. You may have seen her."

She smiles gently at him and shakes her head as she lifts her head back up to the stars, inhaling the cool air through her lungs. 

"I propose a toast," he starts and she almost laughs at him. But she turns toward him anyway, the thoughts of their meaningless conversation evading her mind. "To us," he proposes, extending his drink in her direction. She glances at it a beat longer and then lifts her own glass, clinking them together. "And the future."

She’s not sure what their future will be, but standing underneath the stars with To Make You Feel My Love playing in the background sounds like the perfect place to start.

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63 - Do not disturb

The sign outside of his office is a farce, she thinks. She bought the plastic piece after their son’s birth and she’s pretty sure no one’s ever actually paid attention to it. Especially not James.

The eight month old plays with the ends of her hair as she knocks on the door and enters, seeing his eyes quickly divert from Nikki and then he mindlessly saves his work and shuts his laptop as he places it on the table top. He coaxes her further with his hand and she walks in slowly, her slippers making soft noises on the hardwood floor.

When she’s close enough, he wraps an arm around her waist and gently eases her into his lap. ”What are you two doing?” He asks as he extends his hand to James. The baby grabs onto one of his fingers and tugs gently.

"He misses you," she half lies and she turns her head to their son as she watches Castle from the corner of her eye. He cocks an eyebrow in her direction and laughs gently.

"Oh," he muses, running his hand against her side. He tickles a spot gently and she leans in on him, her grip tightening on the baby. "Did he tell you that himself?"

"Mm," she shook her head. "Momma’s intuition. He just looks so lonely." She runs her finger down James’ nose and pokes the end of it as he laughs happily.

Rick nodded his head, brushing a kiss to her cheek and then their son’s forehead. “I missed you too,” he whispered into her ear. “Both of you.”

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For that drabble thing... 12: Insanity. Characters: Ryan and Esposito :)

12 - Insanity

Espo isn’t breathing as he presses his forehead against the man’s chest, defeated. God, they’re going to die. He’s not going to meet his daughter. Every time he inhales, he feels himself go a little more crazier.

There’s got to be a way out. Shit.

He peels back and stares around them, but even as the fiery flames take a hold of his sanity, he knows he needs to find a way out. He stands up and screams at the top of his lungs, and then collapses.

Everything goes dark and the next thing he remembers, there’s someone hovering over him, a mask pressed against his face and he thinks for a moment that this must be heaven. He is lifted to his feet and he finds his partner somewhere in the exchange and falls into his embrace.

"I thought you were dead," he exhales, running his fingers down the man’s back. Esposito claps his back and hugs him tighter.

"I know, bro." He starts choking again and they’re separated, the mask placed around both of their faces as the men begin to lead them out. His legs feel like lead. Every step is like stepping into quicksand.

But they’re safe. In the distance, he can see the cool New York night and he trudges forward, a careful eye on his partner in front of him, so much more weak than he was. Normally the roles are changed, and it feels so strange to think that Javier Esposito cannot hold his own but he pushes that all to the back of his mind as they enter the outside and he feels the cool sting his cheeks.

"We made it, bro." He hears Espo choke as they walk toward their waiting friends. "Proud of us."

"Yeah," he says as he stumbles and the firefighter keeping him upright stops. "Me too."

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Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran) + Caskett :)

He finds her in the kitchen, long after the festivities for the day are over and she’s just sitting there, nursing a cup of tea. Kate was always beautiful, but somehow in the last fifteen hours since becoming his wife, she’s become so much more than that.

She offers him a smile and pats the seat beside her. “I can’t sleep,” she confesses softly, placing the mug down on the counter in front of her. He sits down on the chair and leans, pressing a kiss to her temple.

"And I can’t sleep without my wife," he answers and she laughs. He’s shamelessly referred to her as his wife the entire day, telling everyone he meets with a grin and god, she didn’t think she could ever find something like that so cute.

She knows she should be tired, or at the very least ready to sleep but the day’s events left her wired and awake. “Mmm,” she hums gently. “Maybe you should help your wife get nice and relaxed so she can sleep.”

He has no objections there. His hand moves to her leg and he rubs the inner part of her thigh gently as his lips press against her cheek, trailing a kiss to her jawline. She turns her head and catches his lips as she turns in the chair and cups his cheek.

"Should we really be-" he cuts off as she hoists her ass up onto the counter, wrapping her legs around his sides. He stands up and kicks the chair away carelessly. "Doing this here?"

"Shut up and kiss me," she grins and he accepts, leaning in and brushing their lips together while her hands move in under his shirt.

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94 - Last Hope

When the gun shot, he felt his heart drop and he collapses to the floor next to her, hands pressing against the wound as he begs. Kate, no. And suddenly, he’s back in the cemetery with her watching the life drain out of her.

"Castle," she choked out but there’s someone tugging at his arm, telling him to get out of the way of the paramedics. He can only hear a dull roar around as her grip grows limp and he’s shoved back into the crowd of detectives surrounding Kate.

She doesn’t need surgery, but they put her under anesthesia anyway. He sits at her bedside until her eyes peak open and she stares at him, bright eyed and curious. “Where am I?” She groans, and it takes all of him not to cry and instead answer her.

"The um, the hospital." He wipes his hand over his face and he pulls the chair closer to her as she tugs at the breathing tube in her throat. "I’ll go get someone for that."

After she’s cleared by a doctor, he sits down next to her again and grabs her hand, but she stares at him for a beat longer, like she’s not sure what he’s doing. “So why is a world famous author doing hospital room checks?” She asks and for a moment he thinks she’s joking. He lifts his eyes to see her but she’s not. There’s only confusion in her eyes as she stares, taking her hand away from him. 

She doesn’t remember.

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I hate when people say “I love your tumblr but can you post less of-” like no bitch this aint build-a-blog 

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