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*hands you some handcuffs* GO WRITE KINK

Handcuffs are so pg13 I was planning on using his tie

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but if you loved me, why did you leave me?

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smut is never enough BUT THE WAY YOU WRITE IT IS SO V V GOOD TOO

I’m glad you think so, nony!

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tvfanatic did such a lovely job with hers, though…

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49 :D

"Mr, uhm.. Mr. Castle." Her voice is quieter than he imagined. Behind the thick black frames she’s wearing, he sees the shakiness in her gaze. Like she’s nervous to be around him. Must have heard some rumors from the other employees. "I have some paperwork for you to sign and uhm, if you could, can you sign this for me? It’s for my internship?"

He nods away and she lifts her glasses to rest atop her head and she shuffles through the papers, leaving the stack that he needs and the single paper she needs in completely separate areas. He picks up the paper and reads her name aloud. “Katherine Beckett,” he likes how it rolls off his tongue. “Soon-to-be graduate of Stanford Law, quite impressive for such a young lady.”

"I skipped kindergarten," she tells him, straightening her back. He can see she’s squinting to see him, and after a frustrating moment pulls her glasses down. As he signs, she thanks him gently and folds the paper into four, tucking it into the pocket of her skirt. "Thank you, sir." She says again. "I’ll leave you alone now."

She moves for the door and feels his presence follow behind him. “Say, Katherine… Kate.” He grins. “Come to dinner with me.”

"I don’t think that would be appropriate, Mr. Castle." She tells him politely.

Rick winks. “Oh, but that’s why it would be so much fun.” 

He’s overstepping his boundaries by a landslide, and can see her knuckles turn white as she grips the door knob. Like she’s scared of him. He backs off.

"Of course, I wouldn’t want to distract you while you study."  He’s back to polite and courteous.

He fucks her up against the window less than a week later. 

(She enjoys it far too much.)

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Caskett. Could you do 9 and 45 together?? ;)

NikkiHeat105: When are we going to meet?
DrickStorm47: And here I thought you were ashamed to meet me.
NikkiHeat105: Answer the question, Derrick.
DrickStorm47: I’m not the one with the answer, Nikki.

She really hates the cat and mouse game she and this Derrick have established. She kind of hates him, too; he’s pompous and a big asshole. That’s what, in her mind, makes it all the more fun. 

DrickStorm47: You still there, beautiful?

She really hates him when he’s calling her those god awful pet names that he insists upon. Sucking in a breath, her hands hover over her laptop keys and she exhales deeply. 

NikkiHeat105: Tomorrow, 7pm. My place.
DrickStorm47: You do know that means I have to have an address?

She bites her lip, hesitates for only half a moment before she’s typing out her address before she can think straight and it makes her kind of nauseous to think about it. She’s really going to meet him, after all this time. It’s exhilirating.

DrickStorm47: I’ll be there at 6:59. Until tomorrow.
DrickStorm47 has logged off.

Kate stares at her screen, heart in her throat before she closes her laptop and slinks to bed.


The next day, her partners are heckling her. Somehow her conversation with Lanie had gotten back to them and she kind of wants to throttle her best friend right now. Maybe if she didn’t like her so damn much, she could.

"What are we teasing Beckett about?" Castle, her real partner, comes up behind them with a case in his hand. "Anything juicy that I could use for blackmail later?"

"You’re disgusting," she rolls her eyes. 

"Thank you," he replied. "Now, back onto why we’re teasing Beckett?"

"She’s going on a date with her boyfriend tonight," Ryan drags out the word. "No idea who he is, but he must be pretty fine to take Miss Uptight for a date."

"What a lucky man," Castle jokes dryly.


When she opens the door, she almost closes it before she realizes.

Oh, god. Oh GOD. Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod.

"Castle," she smiles politely. "What are you doing here?" She’s trying to play it cool, like she doesn’t know but according to the look on his face, he’s figured it out too. 

"Kate," he breathes, laughing darkly. "Or should I say Nikki?"

She straightens, fingers dancing along the door frame and he invites himself in, standing taller over her than she remembers him being. “Guess you’re not the only one with a secret life, Castle.” She shrugs. 

"Well then," he shrugs, holding out the bag of takeout. "I guess we shouldn’t waste the food anyhow." His head dips, close to her ear and she shudders, ignoring the goose flesh as it bumps her skin. "After all, I do recall a certain favor you owe me… involving ice cubes?"

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Caskett #15

Jim is numb at her side, stumbling as she drags him along. She has to breathe through her mouth and remind herself that he’s going to be okay. That falling through a glass door and having millions of pieces embedded in his skin wouldn’t kill him.

"Excuse me," she sighs softly. "My father, he’s had an accident."

She hopes they don’t bring up the stench of alcohol on his breath. But she knows they will. When they whisk him away, she runs face first into a broad chest and stumbles back in shock. Maybe it’s because she’s been so focused on her father, but the sight of another person nearly stops her heart.

It races as she meets the object’s eyes.

"Shit," she sighs under her breath. "Sorry, I didn’t…. see you there."

On the other hand of things, Richard Castle had been there six hours too many. His daughter had gotten into an accident in soccer and had walked out with her arm out of place and she’d been rushed in almost immediately. He kept repeating why wasn’t she out of there already? again and again in his head. He was trying not to panic.

Finding someone just as panicked as he was, somehow made him feel better. He ignored how bad that sounded in his head and rubbed a hand over his face. This seemed to distress the young girl whom stepped back even further, lower lip nearly sawed in half by her teeth. “I’m sorry!” She says again. “I’ll just… go…”

"Wait," he stops her before she jumps around, flowing into the natural traffic of the hospital. "You look… startled. Could I offer you some coffee?" He gestures to his own paper cup which frankly tastes like ass but it keeps him alert.

Kate offers him a small smile and shakes her head. “No, thank-“

"Daddy!" He hears his little one before he sees her, running down the hall toward him. He bends down and lifts her up, pressing kisses all over the side of her face.

When he opens his eyes again, the hazel eyed-brunette was gone. 

And so was his coffee.

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what is castle even doing???

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hey was beckett wearing her wedding ring in the episode?

in 7x01 she was wearing her engagement ring

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Already did this one!